Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: Introduction and Definition of Terms
Lesson 2: Drawing A Doll
Lesson 3: Creating Templates
Lesson 4: Outfits, Tabs, and Themes
Lesson 5: Alternate Transfer Methods - Photocopy
Lesson 6: Alternate Transfer Methods - Carbon Paper
Lesson 7: Alternate Transfer Methods - Charcoal
Lesson 8: Working with Colored Pencil 
Lesson 9: Colored Pencil on Smooth Paper
Lesson 10: Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper
Lesson 11: Introduction to Watercolors
Lesson 12: Watercolors 1
Lesson 13: Watercolors 2
Lesson 14: Introduction to Digital Media
Lesson 15: Using Photoshop to Digitally Color a Doll
Lesson 16: Photoshop: Shadows and Highlights
Lesson 17: Photoshop: Working with Patterns and Textures
Lesson 18: Editing in Photoshop
Lesson 19: Introduction to Illustrator
Lesson 20: Tracing a Doll in Illustrator
Lesson 21: More on Illustrator
Lesson 22: Combining Digital and Traditional Media, Part 1
Lesson 23: Combining Digital and Traditional Media, Part 2
Lesson 24: Illustrator - Gradients and Patterns
Lesson 25: Introduction to Self-Publishing
Lesson 26: Self-Publishing - Setting Up Files
Lesson 27: Self-Publishing - Creating Covers and Uploading Files
Lesson 28: Hand-Drawn Seamless Patterns Using Photoshop
Lesson 29: Creating Versatile Clothing Templates
Lesson 31: Little-Known Tricks: Eraser Tool in Illustrator
Lesson 32: Little-Known Tricks: The Warp Tool in Photoshop
Lesson 33: Poses and References
Lesson 34: (More) Working with Watercolors
Lesson 35: Using Paper Textures in Photoshop and Illustrator
Lesson 36: Working With Corel Painter: Part 1
Lesson 37: Working With Corel Painter: Part 2
Lesson 38: Working With Crayon (or, a lesson in failure!!)
Lesson 39: Tips and Troubleshooting
Lesson 40: Creating A Stencil Doll
Lesson 41: Creating Stencil Outfits
Lesson 42: Acrylic Paints
Lesson 43: Painting a Doll in Acrylics
Lesson 44: The Basics of Anatomy
Lesson 45: An Introduction to Graphite Pencils
Lesson 46: Shading a Doll in Pencil
Lesson 47: Coloring a Pencil Sketch in Photoshop
Lesson 48: Making Curly Hair in Illustrator
Lesson 49: Painting Curly/Wavy Hair in Watercolors
Lesson 50: Basics of Shading
Lesson 51: Felt Paper Dolls, Part 1
Lesson 52: Felt Paper Dolls, Part 2
Lesson 53: Illustrator Overview with Friday Fashion Paper Doll
Lesson 54: Elements of Art - Line
Lesson 55: Elements of Art - Shape
Lesson 56: Elements of Art - Form
Lesson 57: Elements of Art - Tone
Lesson 58: Elements of Art - Texture
Lesson 59: Elements of Art - Color
Lesson 60: Inking with Illustrator
Lesson 61: Coloring in Sketchbook Pro Mobile
Lesson 62: Wicked Women Walk-Through Introduction
Lesson 63: Wicked Women - Preparing Drawings in Photoshop
Lesson 64: Wicked Women - Adding Patterns in Photoshop
Lesson 65: Wicked Women - Tracing to Final Paper
Lesson 66: Wicked Women - Painting in Watercolors
Lesson 67: Wicked Women - More Painting in Watercolors
Lesson 68: Wicked Women - Editing in Photoshop
Lesson 69: Wicked Women - More Editing in Photoshop
Lesson 70: Wicked Women - Preparing the Files for Print 
Lesson 71: From Sketch to Vector Part 1
Lesson 72: From Sketch to Vector Part 2
Lesson 73: From Sketch to Vector Part 3
Lesson 74: Quikie Tutorial - Creating Stripes and Plaid in Photoshop
Lesson 75: Line Art using Photoshop and Illustrator


  1. I LOVE your blog. It is the one of the top sites about creating paper dolls. There is so much information here.

    1. Sometimes I miss comment notifications so this response is a little late....but thank you! So glad you enjoy the site :) I'm hoping to write more tutorials in the new year!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to help others create! This is the most informative site I've found and I'm very appreciative! :)

    1. Thank you!! If there's ever a tutorial or lesson you'd like to see, let me know! I'm always looking for more topics & ways to help :)