Friday, April 3, 2020

Medical Wardrobe for the Fashion Paper Dolls

I'm pretty sure there are 10,000 days in 2020. My kids had their last day of school March 13th.  It feels like a century ago! The kids have been awesome - it's just been a big upheaval. That's why I completely missed posting in the month of March!

For anyone who's followed along for a while, you might remember the fashion model paper dolls. I haven't worked on them in ages. I do, however, have them listed on my Etsy and I update that occasionally.  Through Etsy, I was contacted about creating a wardrobe sheet of medical personal protective equipment (PPE).  I couldn't in good conscience charge for the custom order - the request came from a medical professional. If this sheet provides a little joy then that makes me happy.  With her permission, I'm adding it here as a free download.

This set will fit any of the fashion model dolls. I made the tabs on the masks extra long to fit a variety of paper dolls and the yellow straps on the mask are meant to be tabs. This set would work well with Yvonne but other dolls would work, too. I had a website crash earlier this year, so PDF links no longer work but printing from the preview image works just fine.

Hopefully all of you out in paper doll land are holding up well! Stay home, stay safe!!