Monday, December 31, 2018

December Paper Doll - Set 5

BOOM! It's done!

I wasn't sure I'd manage it, but I did! This is the last page of the December paper doll and the last page of the year-long paper doll project.

In January, I plan on writing a proper wrap-up of 2018.  It was a busy year & I have a lot to share.  But for today, enjoy this last page in the series.  There are 63 sheets in this year-long set - so PLENTY of fun to be had!!

The final set of themes are here! First up "peace" - I went with an angel.  "Log" is leggings that match the fireside top from a previous sheet.  "Snow" is a fur trimmed, snowflake patterned dress. "Swan" is a simple sweater. "Deer" is a patterned skirt and boots. "Coat" is a fur coat with satin bow.  And finally, "ring" is a large, bright diamond ring and a red silky top.

So that's it. Did you love the project? Did you hate it?! I fall a little bit in both categories! I enjoyed making all of these but it was a much bigger project than I should have tackled. I don't think I'll ever take on such a big project again.  Next year will be a bit more compact here on the ol' blog.

Happy New Year to all of you - I'll be back in January with more!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

December Paper Doll - Set 4

There is ONE more sheet to go after today and I am really, really hoping to get it posted on the 31st and be done with this project! It's been fun and I have learned a TON but I'm ready to move on.

I didn't get this posted in time for Christmas.  Our December is always incredibly hectic (as it is for most people, I imagine) but it's done now! The first theme is "wreath" and I went with a sort of Victorian inspired blouse & skirt with a wreath brooch. For "lights" I created a festive Hanukkah sweater - even though I know it's long since happened.  "Winter" is a blue leather and fur jacket with matching hat.  "Cookie" is a top that matches the gingerbread leggings from a previous sheet.  "Stocking" is a bright skirt.  And finally, "Santa" is a hat & fur trimmed top.

Enjoy - now it's back to drawing the last sheet!!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Paper Doll Collaboration - Holiday Sweaters

2018 is wrapping up and today is the last of the 2018 Paper Doll Collaboration project.  It's been a lot of fun - Rachel and Melissa always come up with such fun ideas! Don't fret, though - we're looking to do more next year! If you've created outfits for the 2018 doll, feel free to share it! We all LOVE seeing other paper dolls just as much as we enjoy making them!

The final theme for this year was ugly sweaters.  I love crazy holiday sweaters (bought my husband a Deadpool one this year!!) and I have a hard time thinking of them as "ugly". So this final sheet is a sweater mix-and-match set.

Since this is the last set, I have a PDF ready to download of the whole collection. It's always nice to see how the whole thing has come together! To round out your collection, visit Rachel and Melissa!

Monday, December 24, 2018

December Paper Doll - Set 3

Happy Christmas Eve! I'll keep this short - we, like so many, still have lots to do! I'm still shooting to wrap up the doodle-a-day project by the end of the year.  We'll see!!

This set has loads of holiday themes! "Fireside" is a cozy sweater with a yule log necklace. "Gingerbread" is some fun patterned leggings. "Tree" is a patterned dress with a wide tie. "Ornament" is an ornament patterned skirt.  "Frame" is an ugly sweater.  And "nutcracker" is a jacket, hat, and leggings set. The leggings could probably mix & match with other things.

I won't be posting again for a few days.  Have a merry Christmas to all those that celebrate! Look for the last two doodle-a-day sheets after Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December Paper Doll - Set 2

There's a point in December where there's a little bit of a lull.... After the chaos of Thanksgiving, holiday shopping, and an early December birthday, things calm down a bit before ramping back up for Christmas.  I'm trying to fill this lull with the December paper doll!

The first theme this week is "letter" and I made a graphic tee.  "Giving" is a festive red top with a little present. "Bake" is a holiday shirt, apron, and a tray full of cookies. "Gold" was tough - it's a short party dress that works really well in color but less so in black & white. "Rabbit" is a short shirt with rabbit leggings - it might match the April rabbit top but I didn't test it out.  Finally, "sparkle" is another party dress. There's also a denim jacket and a pair of pants to mix and match.

I'll keep working on the next set.  I'm also starting to think about next year.  Any projects you'd all like to see?  Let me know!!

Friday, December 14, 2018

December Paper Doll - Set 1

Halfway through December and I'm just getting to the December paper doll set! I'm going to finish this - in between holidays, parent-teacher conferences, half days, doctors appointments, two birthdays.... It's going to happen!!

How cute are these kids though?! They're the best!

So here are the themes for December. If you'd like to follow along, I'm using the drawing suggestions from @ellolovey on Instagram and she's on Facebook, too. This is the last set of the year and it'll fit the April doll.

I wanted to make sure I had some flexible color choices for both winter and Christmas.  I was inspired by retro Christmas cards to use bright green, red, pink, blue, and a bold yellow.

The first theme is "tiger" and that was tough! I went with shiny tiger print pants. "Peppermint" is a sparkly striped skirt. "Warm drink" is a cozy sweater and a cup of coffee. "Bed" is a super comfy robe over pajamas. "Holly" is a skirt with matching hat. And finally, "bell" is a bell trimmed, Santa inspired jacket.

Not all of the pieces on this page mix and match as well as I'd like, but more pages will create more options.  Look for more- I WILL finish this!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

November Paper Doll - Set 5

FINALLY! The November set is finished.  I feel like I've been behind on this project since it began.... It was a much bigger project than I anticipated but I WILL finish it!

To that end, here's the last set.

First up is "layered" and I went with a tee shirt, flannel, and vest. "Something new" is a retro mini dress that looks like a present. "Scarf" is a vest and scarf.  "Row" is a theme that has come up a few times - this time, I went with a striped sweater. "Sign" is another repeat - I tried to make a ski patrol/rescue type jacket. It's a stretch..... And finally, "cozy place" is a sweater with leggings & booties.

I have five pages to post for December and they will all get posted as soon as I actually draw them!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

November Paper Doll - Set 4

As promised, I'll posting the remainder of the November doodle-a-day wardrobe sheets this week. Today I have set 4!

I ended up rounding out this sheet with a few mix & match pieces.  And the themes were difficult for me this time around. Maybe it was the themes, maybe it was the rush to get these done.  I'm not sure.

First, "family" is a skirt with a little bird family. "Pie" is a sweater with a pie graphic. "Turkey" and "thankful" are a shirt & skirt with the same motif.  "Mountains" is a dismal attempt at an all-over graphic dress. And "shop" is a comfy, casual sweatshirt for all of the Black Friday shopping frenzy!

One more set to go!! Should be up Friday.

And if you're looking to order my book in time for Christmas, go grab it here or here!

Monday, December 3, 2018

November Paper Doll - Set 3

Yes, it's December.  But I NEED to finish the November paper doll set! So this week, I'll crank out the last of the wardrobe sheets and then move on to the December set.

And then take a break in January!

For "brush" I used a brush script font. "Jewel" is a jeweled neckline on a fuzzy sweater. "Recipe" is an apron. For "product" I went with math (as in, the "product" in multiplication).  "Big and Small" is a retro dress with a large and a small pattern.  And "luggage" is a vintage inspired coat & suitcase.

Look for more this week - I'm diligently working to finish these up!