Friday, July 29, 2016

Tween Fashion Friday - Bronwynn

A funny thing has been happening to me lately.... I lose track of days.  My son is out of school for the summer & my husband now has a work-from-home job, so all four of us are home together without a "real" schedule.  Friday doesn't feel much different than Monday, etc.

And so I sometimes lose track of days.  And forget to post a paper doll.

This week I have a new paper doll!

With these new tween paper dolls, I've been trying to include fun patterns & colors.  I'm really loving the colors here! The fox is something I made ages ago and thought would be really cute in light colors.  Foxes seem to be pretty popular with the kids these days....

I'm thinking that the next paper doll should be a bunch of neutrals to mix & match with ALL of the four tween dolls. Til next week, you can check out the Etsy shop!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Tween Fashion Friday - Rosalind

Sometimes, I have a very clear vision of what I want to make.  This was definitely one of those weeks! With this new series, I wanted to get as much diversity as I could as quickly as I could.  I had a pale blonde, then dark skin with braids, and today I have medium skin and medium hair.  She could really be from anywhere.

I also wanted a Bohemian/hipster vibe as well as glasses.  I don't make nearly enough paper dolls with glasses.  The color scheme and pattern were something I was certain of, too.  I buy a lot of graphic resources for other projects, and these two patterns were from the amazing Lisa Glanz (here's her website...she's an amazing illustrator!).  I tweaked the color scheme a bit and I'm really happy with it.

This week was crazy and I honestly didn't think I'd get this posted.  I'm really, really happy I did!

Let me know what you think of the new series -- I'm loving it!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Tween Fashion Friday - Nia

Today I have another tween paper doll.  I don't think it'll mix and match well with the first one, but there are more on the way!

I went with another summery color scheme here.  One thing I've been experimenting with is taking hand-painted images and creating a vector out of them.  It's harder than I thought! The chevron pattern here is the result of one of those experiments.  It's a big PDF file -- the PNG in this post is high resolution and prints well, too.

Her name -- Nia -- is Swahili for "resolve".  It also has European roots, particularly Welsh.  I liked the African roots because I knew before I started that I wanted this to be a dark skinned doll.  I also decided to try making braids, which I think worked out ok.  She's just so bright & cheery!

Let me know if you like the new series.  I'm enjoying the challenge of something new :)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Tween Fashion Friday - Kourtney

Every June, I reflect on this whole blog thing. (I know it's the first of July.) If I'm still enjoying it, I keep at it.  When the day comes that I'm not enjoying it, I'll move on.  It's been 4 years of paper dolling and writing -- both of which I still love.

So today is not the day that I move on.

Instead, it's the day I introduce a new paper doll!

Here's a rough sketch of the new tween body type.  I'm not enthusiastic about the term "tween" but I'll use it anyway.  This is supposed to be a girl older than the toddlers and younger than the teen/adult body type.  I'm thinking maybe 12 years old or so. And I named this first one in the series after my son's best friend's sister.  Because why not?!

In the final iteration, I tried to make her a little less curvy than the initial sketch.  I also went with a more athletic set of undergarments -- maybe it's a bathing suit, maybe it's a sports bra.  Doesn't matter.  I just wanted something that felt age-appropriate.

Shoes might be a challenge.  I like to have items that are as mix-and-match as possible that fit with every doll of every skin tone.  I'm not sure I'll be able to pull that off with this new body type.  We'll see as it evolves.

Let me know what you think of the new tween doll! I'm excited to work on something new!