Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Happy Holidays!

     It's been a weird year.... The ol' blog hasn't gotten a lot of love this year. I've been working on lots of things but that doesn't always translate to blog posts. I've been lucky enough to work on many of the books released by Paperdoll Review this year, including my own Fun with Mom and Rose & Ivy. And I've been able to help out with both Paper Studio Magazine and Paperdoll Review. The two magazines are merging, if you haven't heard, and I think it's a great opportunity to see so much of what the paper doll world has to offer. Of all the projects I've worked on this year, Marilyn Henry's are the most meaningful. I never got to meet her but working on her art has left a powerful impression on me and my art. I hope to be half the artist she was! She will be dearly missed.

    Part of the reason that the blog hasn't been active is art and part of it is life. Like SO many, my whole family has been home since March. My kids have been fully remote the whole year (our choice), my husband switched jobs (for the better!!), and I've been juggling all of my stuff while taking care of my 90 year old grandmother. We've been lucky to stay safe & healthy and that's really all that matters.

    I did manage to make a holiday paper doll. I wanted a 1920s themed doll since this is 2020. It felt appropriate. I was supposed to go to my first convention in 2020, Morgantown again, and our local parties. None of that happened. And that's ok. There's always next year. For now, though, stay safe and healthy. And have the happiest of holidays!