Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Fashion Paper Doll - Mira

Happy Thanksgiving! Our day is busy with family and yours probably is, too.  If it's Thanksgiving where you are, I hope you enjoy it.  If it isn't...well, you get an awesome paper doll to download anyway!!

This is the final paper doll in the Thanksgiving mini series.  These have been a lot of fun to make & the response to them has been very positive! I've really enjoyed this set.

The next paper doll set is the December angel paper doll.  I gotta say, it might be my favorite paper doll ever.  So it's a big deal!

And this is pretty much the last call on angel paper doll suggestions, so if you've got one, let me know! I have several vintage inspired ones, several history inspired ones, and some really random ones.  I can't wait to share them all!! Til then, have a great Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving Fashion Paper Doll - Gwen

It recently occurred to me that any international readers probably wouldn't have much interest in these paper dolls.  I will argue that they're all pretty cute anyway. And who doesn't love an apron for a paper doll?!

If  Gwen's hair looks *exactly* like Mercy's hair, that's because it is! It was too cute not to use it twice.  I gave Gwen some more girlish bangs.  You'll need to cut along the shoulders to fit tabs for the clothing, but that isn't really a big deal. If you have the orange top and orange skirt together, that outfit is very similar to Mercy's dress/apron set.  Just so you know! And yes, Gwen got an apron, too!

The last of the set goes up on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. And then it's time for the marathon December paper doll!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Thanksgiving Fashion Paper Doll - William

Next up in the Thanksgiving mini-series is William.  In my house, both my husband and I cook.  Especially at Thanksgiving! We usually host it at our house & I couldn't possibly do it all on my own.  So our guy William here got his own apron for his time in the kitchen, too.

Aside from that, there's isn't much more to say about this set.  Next week, I'll post the tween Thanksgiving paper doll and then wrap things up with a toddler!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Thanksgiving Fashion Paper Doll - Mercy

It's November.  In my town, Christmas lights have been available at the stores since September.  Seriously.  They were out before Labor Day and out at the same time as back-to-school stuff.  That's a bit too early, in my opinion.

So to honor the much-overlooked American holiday of Thanksgiving, I'm creating a Thanksgiving family.  Three of the dolls will go up on Fridays and the last one will go up on Thanksgiving Day.

I love that little turkey illustration! It's one of my favorite illustrations.  (It's also my best-selling fabric design on Spoonflower. I guess other people like it, too!!)  If you're looking to mix & match Mercy with other sets, Sage is perfect. I'm not sure if it's time to revive the Paper Jane dolls at the Etsy shop or not....we'll see, I guess.

In December, I'll have the angel paper doll ready to go.  I still have 8 or 10 slots left, so if you have a request, I'd love to hear it!

Next week we'll have another Thanksgiving set!