Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Paper Doll -Set 6


It's done! Just barely.... I really wanted to get this last sheet posted today.

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I REALLY need to streamline this whole process if I plan on making it a whole year!

This set features: weekend (track suit), begins with "a" (an A-line skirt), vases (patterned on a shirt), frame, dinos, and gnome.  Gnome was a tough one! So she got a polka dot cap, green tunic, and leggings.

I'm moving on to March.  I'm going to shoot for 5ish sets next month.  Need to tighten up the process. I recorded a little video of me inking one top from an earlier set and it took 7 minutes! Just to ink it!

Anyway, back with March in a few days. Let me know what you think of this crazy project of mine!

Monday, February 26, 2018

February Paper Doll - Set 5

Here's the next set for the February doodle-a-day paper doll. I think by May these will go a bit faster.  Drawing the base doll is pretty time consuming & my 2018 has been off to a busy start.  My plan is to have 4 dolls in rotation so the January doll will come around again in May, etc. This is the first time I've ever tried a year-long project like this.  It's ambitious and scary and overwhelming...and exciting and fun and a real learning experience!

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I streamlined this set a bit.  Initially I thought I'd break the month into groups with 4 or so themes per sheet. That's a lot! This sheet has six themes and the final sheet (going up tomorrow or the first...) will have six themes, too. All of these sheets mix and match really well because of the limited color scheme.

For themes, I tackled: cafe (barista apron), "in your bag" with a camping backpack, four legs features a cat, royal is a gown & crown, tall was tough and I went with a long & lean jumpsuit, and finally bit was really challenging - that's a bit out there with a monster/reptile mouth and reddish sleeve.

The last sheet is well on its way. Tomorrow or the first maybe it should be up!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

February Paper Doll - Set 4

I have fallen WAY behind on this project.  You should not expect this to be finished before the end of the month.  I'm trying but, truthfully, this was a bigger project than I could handle this year.

And yet, I refuse to throw in the towel.  I will keep working on these dolls until every month is completed!

 Right-click to download and print
 Right-click to download and print

This set of outfits was fun! They all came together quickly.  For "pal" I made a top with a puppy on it.  Love was easy.  For "windows", I went with a stained glass window print on a skirt.  And "pencil" was a pencil skirt of course. It seems like each month is working out to be six or seven sheets which is a lot! I'll get to work on the next set!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Paper Doll Collaboration 2018 - Date Night

Welcome to the next installment of the Paper Doll Collaboration Project! This month really hit me by surprise! I've been beyond busy -- my grandmother (who moved in with us in October) is coming home from rehab today.  She broker her pelvis & has been recuperating. I've been visiting her twice a day every day for a month.  It's also school vacation week which comes with its own brand of crazy!

So "date night" is almost a laughable theme for me right now! Though, truthfully, my husband and I were able to go out and catch Black Panther (on opening night!!) because my parents had the kids. The costuming and effects, etc, are amazing.  I enjoyed it very much.  My husband felt is lack something in the plot and pacing.  We often disagree about movies!

Today's sheet features two date night outfits -- a comfy movie going outfit (complete with popcorn) and something a bit more fancy.

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I'm finding with this base doll that two outfits fit very easily on a sheet.  And I'm experimenting with text in a shape - I like how it looks!

For more in the series, see Miss Missy and Paper Thin Personas

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February Paper Doll - Set 3

It's been a while, I know! Things are going to go back to normal for me soon and I should get back on a more regular schedule.

For now, I have another set in the February series!

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Right-click to download and print

This set of themes were more more difficult than the last two.  First up is "match".  I created leggings with a pattern of matches.  Pizza is next with a two layer shirt.  Kiss is a skater dress with a smoochy pattern.  For t-shirt I created two: a basic white and a colorful dark.  Finally, for chocolate, I added a chocolate dipped fruit border to a skirt.

I'm shooting for a Monday post so we'll see if I can manage that! Check back!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February Paper Doll - Set 2

Obviously I'm still running a bit behind.  Today's set covers days 4 through 7.  Because this doll has a wider format than the January doll, I can't quite fit as much per sheet.  Or maybe it just feels that way!

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Right-click to download and print

The themes for this set were all over the place! Bowl - which I interpreted as bowling and created a retro bowling ensemble. Hearts - that was pretty straightforward.  For birds I reused the pattern from the mail set on page one.  And finally, I made a ship in a bottle for "bottle".

I'm still plugging away at the next set.  I have a lot of stuff on my plate for this week so there most likely won't be a page on Friday.  Maybe Monday depending on how my tasks go.

Friday, February 9, 2018

February Paper Doll - Set 1

I didn't really mean to start February quite so quietly here at the ol' blog but I've been dealing with some stuff.  My grandmother moved in with us this fall & had a pretty bad fall at the end of January.  She's fine but it's been a lot of back & forth to hospitals and rehab, etc, while assisting in her care.  We're eager to get her back home! So that's taken up some of my time.

The other reason it's been a bit quiet is because I decided to go big with this doodle-a-day paper doll project.  I'm going to draw a new doll for each month.  It's more work, but more work means more practice and that's a good thing!

I'm working from the February prompts from @ellolovey ( Instagram and Facebook).  This is the whole list if you'd like to follow along.

Right-click to download and print

Right-click to download and print

Just like the January set, this will have a limited color palette and everything should mix & match fairly well.  This sheet has the first three days: tiger, weather, and mail.  I'm hoping to get a bit caught up and further into the prompts over the weekend.  We'll see how that goes!