Monday, September 8, 2014

Kawaii Kids - Business

I didn't have a lesson ready today, and on the Mondays when that happens, I'll post a Kawaii Kids doll.  This week, I'm working through the suggestion list and it's business suits!  As with all of these dolls, the clothing fits both dolls.  I decided to make one skirt and one pants suit for the girl.  I always preferred a pants suit versus a skirt back when I had a "real" job.  Not that raising kids & running the household (and somehow managing a meager freelance career) isn't "real" work, but I don't report to an office.  So no more suits of any sort for me!

I'm also putting all of the Fairy Tale Friday dolls into a book.  I want it to be a awesome collection of fairy tale & folk tale themed dolls.  I'd love some suggestions!

I've already made: Goldilocks, the Frog Prince, the Little Mermaid, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Beauty (of Beauty & the Beast), Prince Charming, Cinderella, and Snow White.

Here are the rules for submission:
1) Either a male or female character is fine
2) Preferably a prince/princess/protagonist kind of character.  I won't be including villains in this set.
3) Literary sources would be great (public domain is best).  So Dorothy and Alice are ok; Merida and Jasmine of Disney fame would not.
4) Multi-ethnic is great, too.  I have a pale skin/blond hair prince, a medium skin/black hair prince, a pale skin/dark hair princess and a dark skin/dark hair princess.  All clothing sets will be interchangeable.

If I include your idea, I'll send you something.  I don't know what yet - maybe a PDF of the book, or a physical copy of the book.  Something along those lines.  I'll probably mention this a few more times as I work on the book, so feel free to do some research!

That was quite a ramble - here's the business dolls!

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