Friday, March 21, 2014

Fairy Tale Fashion Friday - Beauty

I've had a very active audience lately!  This is a request from a mother & daughter who check out the dolls together every Friday.  They asked for Belle from Beauty and the Beast as well as Merida from Brave.  I opted to name this doll Beauty instead of Belle (I know Belle = French for Beauty).  I'm rather happy with it, honestly.  The two blouses on the bottom are great and you'll see those again!  As for Merida... I loved the movie Brave.  I love the character.  But she doesn't really fit into my interpretation of a fairy tale.  Doesn't mean I won't do it -- I might.  But I'll need a really big spark of creativity to get me there.

So today we have Beauty.  Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!


  1. I love the pleated trim on the blouse on the left. I think it's wonderful that the skirt can go with any of the three blouses. I really appreciate how you think about "play-ability" with your paper dolls.

    1. I love the pleated trim, too! I used to create pleats like that one shape at a time but then I figured out how to make a pleated brush in Illustrator. I could put pleats and ruffles on everything! And "play-ability" is really important to me. I try to make dolls that 10 year old me would have loved...