Friday, May 27, 2016

Toddler Fashion Friday - Virginia

Today ushers in the unofficial start to summer here in the US.  It's Memorial Day, so it's a long weekend.  And it's hot.  Well, here in New England it's hot.

And I hate hot.  SO much! But everyone else is pretty happy about it so I'll manage I suppose....!

I wanted to create a red, white, and blue themed paper doll without it being stars or something vaguely patriotic like that.  I live in the heart of colonial Massachusetts and holidays like Memorial Day are a big deal. (I actually went and photographed a colonial cemetery last weekend as part of my on-going family history project.  There were flags on the veteran graves in this 300+ year old place.  I'm not an overly patriotic person, but I felt it that day....) So I started tinkering with Illustrator and came up with an adorable flower, which I turned into a pattern.

This is such a cute & summery set! I'm glad I went with red, white, and blue.  It just feels like summer!  The flower sort of accidentally happened.  I was tinkering with a circle and the Effects menu.  And then I took that circle and moved it around, layered it, and then used the Patherfinder menu to create separate lines.  Really came out great!

If you're looking for more dolls to get you through this weekend, I have an Independence Day paper doll from 2012 and an Independence Day family set from 2015.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Toddler Fashion Friday - Maybelle

It was my birthday this week.  I'm an adult (well, marginally....I mean I still play with dolls!!) so the day was rather uneventful. My sister took me out for coffee & my family took me out for dinner.  Rather a nice way to spend a day, honestly.

I try to make a birthday edition paper doll.  Last year, I featured a commission. In 2014, I created a Deanna Troi paper doll and in 2013, I made a series of Star Trek uniform paper dolls.  And in 2012...well, I started this blog in June of that year so no birthday doll then.  Despite all of these projects, I've never actually made a birthday themed paper doll!

I've been creating patterns in Illustrator like crazy lately. (You can see an overview of one way that I make patterns here.) So for this doll, I created a balloon pattern.  I was a bit stumped about colors until I searched ColourLovers.  This palette popped up & it's amazing!!  I named her Maybelle because I wanted to incorporate the word May but not just call her May.  It seemed like a cute little name, so I went with it.

When I get a minute, I might make a boy birthday doll.  I've been loving the toddler dolls lately and that'll probably continue for a while...

Friday, May 13, 2016

Toddler Fashion Friday - Daniel

Last week was awful in New England.  It was rainy or grey for DAYS! I lost track and had a serious case of the blahs.  So I forgot to post.  And honestly, I'd rather skip a post than put one up that's less than awesome.

This week, however, is awesome.

With the break in the weather this week, I was inspired to create a toddler boy with a nautical theme.  I think it's partly the guilt of not working on my nautical children paper doll set, too.  I just haven't been feeling it on that project & I'm hoping that'll turn around.

Lately, I've had lots of stuff going on.  Aside from taking care of the kids (in no particular order), I have been: attending genealogy lectures and working on my family history book, creating digital scrapbooks of my kiddos, starting my first new oil painting in 7 years, and developing a summer curriculum for my soon-to-be first grader and my 4 year old.  It's been busy and fun and I'm kinda loving it.  There are still more things I want to add to the list.  I need to do more than create paper dolls & the additional projects are helping me stay motivated.

One of the things I'm puttering with is pattern making and I just love the sailboat/anchor pattern on this set.  Because I did this in Illustrator, I had the flexibility to grab the anchor & sailboat from the nautical Santa set and repurpose them here.

Anyway, I hope you're all as excited about this new set as I am.  Let me know if you are :)