Friday, June 29, 2018

Paper Doll Collaboration 2018 - Wedding Dresses

Time for another paper doll collaboration set! I managed to squeak this one out just before bedtime on Thursday.  Pretty happy with how it came out, too.

The theme this month was weddings.  I went with two modern-ish dresses.  I decided on a mermaid skirted gown because it's a style I rarely draw. And the short skirt was a fun retro style.

You can grab the doll here

For more wedding themed sheets, check out Paper Thin Personas and Miss Missy's Paper dolls.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

June Paper Doll - Set 3

As promised, I have another set ready to go! We just started summer vacation here and haven't gone totally feral yet, so that's a good thing! We're even managing to do a little school work.

Today's set was a pain to lay out.  I drew more than I thought and it didn't fit as well as I hoped.  But I managed it!  This sheet (13-18) gets me almost caught up....

The themes this time were varied.  First, "begins with L" which I think is a repeat theme - I went with lacing in the form of a dirndl inspired top & skirt.  "Wheels" (which I think is another repeat) is a Danica Patrick inspired racing jacket and pants.  "Nature" is a cactus covered maxi skirt. "Couch" is a pair of comfy pants that would mix with the tank here or the track jacket here.  "Father" is a 1970s menswear inspired jumper dress.  And "overalls" is a trendy set of jean overalls with a scarf and high heeled work boots.

There are two sheets left and I probably won't get them both up this week, but I'll do my best!

Monday, June 25, 2018

June Paper Doll - Set 2

I have NOT abandoned this project! That's the first thing I want to say.

Secondly, June got busy! A field trip, two field days at school, a week of volunteering at the school, a kindergarten performance, Father's Day, a birthday, and two doctor visits and I am TIRED! The month really just got away from me.  OH! And two big paper doll projects that I'm still working on & I'll share as soon as they're ready.

My plan is to ramp up and get as much of the June doll ready & posted this week. There's also a collaboration set going up on Friday so look for that. In the meantime, here's the second June sheet:

The themes for this set were all over the place! "Fish" is a set of leggings. "Orange" is a crop top.  "Southwest" is a patterned top with turquoise accessories.  "Cookies" was a tough theme and I went with a patterned blouse.  "Stickers" was another tough one and I went with patches on a skirt - that's kind of a sticker, right?! And finally "peacock" is a crazy beaded flapper dress and matching headband.  That last one is easily my favorite on this sheet & I really should do a whole series of crazy beaded flapper dresses!

So look for loads of posts this week as I attempt to catch up!

Friday, June 8, 2018

June Paper Doll - Set 1

It's time for another monthly paper doll set! This is the sixth month (!!!!!) of this project and I am amazed that it's still going! I have two commissions I'm working on, volunteering at the school, taking care of my kids & my grandmother, preparing for summer with the kids home, AND somehow managing to get this project done.  Pretty proud of myself at the moment.  I even found time to protest the atrocious school budget in my city.  But that's not relevant here...!

The June paper doll wardrobe is designed for the February doll.  I'm not trying to coordinate colors across months but I do think this set will mix rather well with February, even if that was accidental!

Again, as with the whole year, I'm working from prompts provided by @ellolovey ( Instagram and Facebook).  This is the whole list if you'd like to follow along.

First up is "donut" and I think that's fairly obvious! Then there's "trail" - I made a dress with a map of a portion of the Appalachian Trail. "Neon" is a very 80s cocktail dress and puffy, highlighted hair style. "Accessory" is a simple dress with an elaborate collar necklace & cuff bracelets. Next on the list is "strawberries" and that's a printed button down shirt with a cardigan.  And finally, "gardening" is a set of overalls, rainboots, and gloves.  I've noticed as the year goes by that some of the themes are reused -- and that's fine! It's great to think about the same idea in a different way.

I'll have the next set ready sometime next week! Enjoy!!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

May Paper Doll - Set 5

I realize it's June but I really wanted to get this last May wardrobe sheet up! I'm starting the June set and I'll get that up when I can.  This week is a bit hectic - our small city is having a school budget crisis and I plan on participating in a public rally this week.  Hopefully it'll get resolved soon.  Education is really important to me & we have an amazing, dedicated staff that deserves our community's support.

Ok, rant over. On to the paper doll!

The last round of themes were fun.  "Waves" is a dress with a wave pattern. "Camping" is a set of camping gear.  "Turtles" is a set of patterned pants.  With "bright" I decided to go with bright as in intelligent so I made a lab coat.  "Laundry" is a very full laundry basket.  And "poolside" is a two piece bathing suit in the same pattern as the sarong & one piece suit from previous sheets.

So that's it for May.  Also, in case you haven't heard, I contributed to the Seattle Paper Doll Convention souvenir set! There's a newsletter with ordering information here if you're interested!