Friday, June 8, 2018

June Paper Doll - Set 1

It's time for another monthly paper doll set! This is the sixth month (!!!!!) of this project and I am amazed that it's still going! I have two commissions I'm working on, volunteering at the school, taking care of my kids & my grandmother, preparing for summer with the kids home, AND somehow managing to get this project done.  Pretty proud of myself at the moment.  I even found time to protest the atrocious school budget in my city.  But that's not relevant here...!

The June paper doll wardrobe is designed for the February doll.  I'm not trying to coordinate colors across months but I do think this set will mix rather well with February, even if that was accidental!

Again, as with the whole year, I'm working from prompts provided by @ellolovey ( Instagram and Facebook).  This is the whole list if you'd like to follow along.

First up is "donut" and I think that's fairly obvious! Then there's "trail" - I made a dress with a map of a portion of the Appalachian Trail. "Neon" is a very 80s cocktail dress and puffy, highlighted hair style. "Accessory" is a simple dress with an elaborate collar necklace & cuff bracelets. Next on the list is "strawberries" and that's a printed button down shirt with a cardigan.  And finally, "gardening" is a set of overalls, rainboots, and gloves.  I've noticed as the year goes by that some of the themes are reused -- and that's fine! It's great to think about the same idea in a different way.

I'll have the next set ready sometime next week! Enjoy!!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

May Paper Doll - Set 5

I realize it's June but I really wanted to get this last May wardrobe sheet up! I'm starting the June set and I'll get that up when I can.  This week is a bit hectic - our small city is having a school budget crisis and I plan on participating in a public rally this week.  Hopefully it'll get resolved soon.  Education is really important to me & we have an amazing, dedicated staff that deserves our community's support.

Ok, rant over. On to the paper doll!

The last round of themes were fun.  "Waves" is a dress with a wave pattern. "Camping" is a set of camping gear.  "Turtles" is a set of patterned pants.  With "bright" I decided to go with bright as in intelligent so I made a lab coat.  "Laundry" is a very full laundry basket.  And "poolside" is a two piece bathing suit in the same pattern as the sarong & one piece suit from previous sheets.

So that's it for May.  Also, in case you haven't heard, I contributed to the Seattle Paper Doll Convention souvenir set! There's a newsletter with ordering information here if you're interested!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Paper Doll - Set 4

It's the last day of May & I wanted to get at least one more of the May sets posted.  I have one more to go!! It's been a busy month and it's only getting busier! Time to get more organized....

The themes for this week were fun! First, "strawberry" is a retro shorts set.  "Mix" was a theme for January AND May - this time, I went with a patchwork jacket.  "Geometric" is a 1960s inspired color blocked dress.  "Brunch" was tough so I went with a light, airy California inspired off-shoulder top and linen pants.  "Palm" is a bathing suit that matches set 4's sarong skirt.  And "snail" is a cute purse.

I'm going to make every effort to get the last May set up quickly.  I've got a couple of other things I'm working on and summer vacation looming....! Ah! Back to drawing...

Friday, May 25, 2018

Paper Doll Collaboration 2018 - Animals

It's that time again! I honestly cannot believe how fast this year is going by... I feel like I have an endless list of things that need to get done & they all need to get done yesterday!! Summer vacation is looming, projects need to be completed.... It's good to be busy!

Today's collaboration doll theme was animals or pets. I'm not a pet owner or, honestly, much of an animal lover. Just not my thing.  So for today's theme, I went with a retro inspired animal print set.

I confess, the hands on this are not perfect. They're ok and I'm sure I'm being unduly harsh!

For more of this month's theme, visit Paper Thin Personas and Miss Missy's Paper Dolls!

Monday, May 21, 2018

May Paper Doll - Set 3

Seems like Monday is the ideal day for me to post these May wardrobe sheets! I really didn't plan it that way but it's working out nicely.

Not a whole lot to say about this round.  "Mom" is a retro dress & apron.  "Camera" is a very artsy black turtle neck and camera -- I'm super happy with how that camera came out! For "stack" I have a layered shirt and a layered necklace.  "Balloon" features a pattern from Julia Dreams -- a design shop I like quite a bit.  "Grass" is a graphic skirt....although I sort of wish I had gone Hawaiian with that instead! "Market" is a light jacket and shopping bag.  And finally, "purple" is a tropical sarong and top.  That one doesn't mean a whole lot in black and white! There are also a couple of hairstyles and a pair of shorts to round it out.

And that's it! I'll work on the next set and get that up soon.

Monday, May 14, 2018

May Paper Doll - Set 2

Happy Monday! I hope all of the moms who celebrate Mother's Day had a quiet, relaxing day! I spent the day with my parents, all of my grandparents, and my sister and her family.

Today's set covers May 7 through 12.  The themes this time were: box, medicine, patio, city, stork, and tea.

For "box", I went with a simple box pleat skirt for mix & match options.  "Medicine" is a set of scrubs.  "Patio" is a maxi skirt with fun palm leaves.  "City" was challenging - I went with a bright jumpsuit and dark sunglasses.  "Stork" is a patterned skirt.  And "tea" also features a patterned skirt.

I'll get started on Set 3 and get that up as soon as I can!

Monday, May 7, 2018

May Paper Doll - Set 1

Happy May everyone! I wanted to get this up on Friday but it didn't happen.  There's a TON of stuff I'm working on at the moment -- much of it paper doll related but not blog-worthy yet.

Today's set is the first wardrobe sheet for May.  As promised, I went back to the January doll and you can find that here. Here's the list of themes for this month:

As with all of the drawing prompts, this set is from @ellolovey on Instagram and Facebook.

For this set, I'm tackling the first six themes: simple, robot, self-love, galaxy, and key.

"Simple" is sleeveless dress.  "Robot" is some funky leggings and a graphic t-shirt.  "Self-love" was tough.  I decided to put some lilacs (my favorite flower) on a blouse.  "Galaxy" was fun! The black and white version is plain and boring, but the color was came out great! "Key" features a statement necklace. And "veggies" is a practical apron for gardening.

This may mix and match with some of the January sets, too!

I'll have another set up & ready as soon as I can!