Friday, May 27, 2016

Toddler Fashion Friday - Virginia

Today ushers in the unofficial start to summer here in the US.  It's Memorial Day, so it's a long weekend.  And it's hot.  Well, here in New England it's hot.

And I hate hot.  SO much! But everyone else is pretty happy about it so I'll manage I suppose....!

I wanted to create a red, white, and blue themed paper doll without it being stars or something vaguely patriotic like that.  I live in the heart of colonial Massachusetts and holidays like Memorial Day are a big deal. (I actually went and photographed a colonial cemetery last weekend as part of my on-going family history project.  There were flags on the veteran graves in this 300+ year old place.  I'm not an overly patriotic person, but I felt it that day....) So I started tinkering with Illustrator and came up with an adorable flower, which I turned into a pattern.

This is such a cute & summery set! I'm glad I went with red, white, and blue.  It just feels like summer!  The flower sort of accidentally happened.  I was tinkering with a circle and the Effects menu.  And then I took that circle and moved it around, layered it, and then used the Patherfinder menu to create separate lines.  Really came out great!

If you're looking for more dolls to get you through this weekend, I have an Independence Day paper doll from 2012 and an Independence Day family set from 2015.


  1. I agree that it's hard to do a red, white and blue scheme without it feeling patriotic. Nothing against patriotic color schemes, but sometimes you want something different. It's fascinating to me how different the "small" flower pattern and the "big" flower pattern look when it is the same motif.

    1. There are color schemes I actively avoid: red, white, and blue; orange and black; and red & green. Sometimes they're handy, but too iconic for me to use often.

      I love using Illustrator to create & utilize patterns. It's so easy to resize patterns and give them a totally different feel!