Friday, March 14, 2014

Fashion Friday: Black & White: Set 2

I have another set of black & white fashion dolls to print & color today.  I've also had a request for more fairy tale dolls, so I may put those up next week.  I have a few dolls I want to get up but haven't yet.  First, I want to make a wedding doll for my parents.  They just celebrated their 35th anniversary and, of course, I was too disorganized to get a doll done in time! I also found out that my cousin's best friend is getting married and I want to make a set for that.  They are a pair of lovely ladies who deserve some wedding fashion fun! I love making wedding dolls and will take every opportunity to make them!

Anyway, here are the coloring dolls for today, in png and PDF.  Have fun coloring!

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