Friday, May 30, 2014

Fairy Tale Fashion Friday - Red Riding Hood

I've been on a fairy tale kick lately and today is no different!  There seems to be a lot of fairy tale stuff going on: several tv series, movies, kids' toys and cartoons, etc.  When there's a lot of the same thing going on, I'm reminded of something one of my art professors talked about - zeitgeist.  It's a German word that translates to "the spirit of the time".  The way my professor described it was sort of a moment in the cultural consciousness where everyone was interested in the same concepts at the same time.  And right now (in my opinion), there is a fairy tale zeitgeist!

I'm not complaining.  I love fairy tales!

There a line differentiating fairy and folk tales, but I choose to lump them all together.  Fairy tales are sometimes considered a subgenre of folk tales, so I feel ok lumping them together! Today's paper doll is generally considered a folk tale, and a very old one at that.  I've recently become very interested in Red Riding Hood so that's the doll of the day.

I almost have enough fairy tale dolls done to put together a book -- more details on that when it happens.

Have fun with the doll!

Download Fairy Tale Fashion Friday - Red Riding Hood pdf here

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