Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kawaii Wednesdays - Mermaids

My nieces are going on their first beach vacation next week.  I thought, what could be more fun than coloring paper dolls on the beach?!  Today's Kawaii Kids paper doll is for them -- mermaids!

Usually, I have a boy & a girl in each of these Kawaii Kids sets.  This week, I decided to make it just girls.  If you want to have a little mer-boy, the tail will fit on any of the boy dolls.  I just figured girls were more interested in mermaids than boys. I'm basing that entirely on my sons versus my nieces so I could be totally wrong!

And I'll resume posting the Wicked Women walkthrough next Monday.  I took this Monday off to recover from my fun birthday weekend.  My husband & I spent the day wandering Boston - we walked something like 6 miles! It was a great birthday and we had a lot of fun, but it was tiring :)

Here's the mermaid set!  Enjoy!

Download the Kawaii Kids - Mermaid PDF here


  1. What wonderful paper dolls. I love the tails. Mermaids are so much fun. :) I keep saying I'll do another set, but I hate the idea of drawing scales.

    1. thanks! My nieces loved them. This is the first mermaid doll ever for me. I was never much of a mermaid person. And I admit, I'm not sure I would have done this outside of Illustrator. I made a repeating scale pattern swatch and used that. Drawing scales is totally daunting!