Friday, July 11, 2014

Fairy Tale Fashion Friday - The Little Mermaid

Summer is full-blown here in New England!  I'm more of a winter person since I grew up in the mountains, but I'm now a 30 minute drive to the Atlantic coast and learning to love the beach, too.

I wanted to return to the fairy tale dolls with a summer/beachy doll, and we've got The Little Mermaid today.  I never really gave much thought to mermaids but my nieces love them.  It's a theme I may visit more because of them.  This Little Mermaid is obviously Disney-inspired.  I admit, I loved that movie as a kid.  I think I was 9 when it came yeah, like a million years ago!

Anyway, enjoy the doll!

Download Fairy Tale Friday - The Little Mermaid pdf here

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