Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kawaii Wednesdays - Science!

I love science and science fiction.  I don't always understand it (my husband would disagree) but I love it all anyway.  Most of my friends are scientists, so I have a soft spot for lab coats!  So today, we've got a science paper doll to color!

Again, I'm having some difficulty posting the PDF.  I upload the PDFs to my portfolio site and have a link here to download them.  For the second week in a row, I can't access the inner workings of my portfolio site.  I may need to change my method of sharing files.  Til then, download the image file in this post.

Have fun coloring!


  1. Yay Science!

    Yeah, I have no idea how to get blogger to offer PDF file downloads. One of the many reasons, that I have my own server space. I wish you luck. :)

    1. I needed a science paper doll! I know more scientists than I do artists.... And my painting smock is actually a full-length lab coat :)

      I've often thought of transferring this blog to a self-hosted one. I'm not ready for the hassle & a second domain to manage. I'll probably make the jump eventually, though! There are a lot of advantages....