Friday, September 30, 2016

Tween Fashion Friday - Elin

One of the things I love about digital art is the ability to use & remix elements to create something new.  I knew I wanted to use a leaf pattern that I created years ago (if you love it, you can get it on actual, real fabric here!!) and that I wanted to include knee socks.  Knee socks are one of my favorite parts of fall & winter -- love them!

With these tween dolls, I have four skin tones and I've been trying to post different ones each week.  I just noticed that they all had had three dolls each except for the palest tone.  So I posted two pale toned dolls in a row.  This will mix with Samantha and Bronwynn.

This is the last tween doll til November.  I'm going to make some Kawaii Kids for October and then I still need to work out a December theme.  As always, send me ideas & thoughts about the paper dolls!!

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