Friday, September 2, 2016

Tween Fashion Friday - Rosemary

Happy September!

September is usually back to school season in my region.  My son actually went back to school this past Tuesday and he's loving it! First grade seems to agree with him.

I felt inspired to create something in bright, primary colors.  I thought about creating a back to school inspired pattern but decided against it.  I kind of wanted a simpler doll this week.

This paper doll has the same skin tone as Kourtney and Bronwynn.

I was a bit busy last week with a commission.  I was contacted by a teacher who wanted to use my paper dolls in her classroom & I love projects like that! Between that, back to school stuff, and a seasonal freelance gig I do every fall, I just never got around to a paper doll last week.  It happens.

Recently, I had a request for Halloween themed Kawaii Kids.  That's on my list for October -- sounds like fun!


  1. Halloween themed Kawaii Kids sounds like so much fun! I want to do something for October, but I haven't decided what exactly, so I am thinking hard. I used to love Liana's costume a day months, so maybe something like that?

    Also, I love this week's paper doll. Her clothing is so colorful. You were missed last week.

    1. The Kawaii Kids were a request from DeviantArt, which I almost never check. It sounds like a fun idea so I think I'll go for it.

      And it's nice to be missed :) I feel like I have both too much and too little to do lately. There's a lot of activity in the mornings to get my oldest to school, but then a lot of downtime with my youngest. Just adjusting to the school schedule again!