Friday, August 19, 2016

Tween Fashion Friday - Simone

My husband is a BIG Olympics nerd.  He loves it! The games have been on our TV, computers, etc, for days now.  My kids are enjoying it, too.  I'm not a sports person in general, so the games have limited appeal for me.

I am, however, very proud of Team USA.

This year, two amazing athletes names Simone have done extraordinary things in their sports.  Simone Biles earned 5 medals (4 of those GOLD!) in gymnastics and Simone Manuel has earned 4 medals (2 gold, 2 silver) AND she's the FIRST African-American woman to win gold in an individual swimming event! That's a whole lot of awesome, even for a non-sports fan like myself.

So today's paper doll is dedicated to both Simones.

I wasn't sure which way I wanted to go with this -- the adult body or the tween body. Ultimately, I went with the tween body.  I'm hoping it has more appeal to young girls and inspire them to achieve such lofty goals.  The fashions are loosely inspired bu Olympics uniforms but not accurate representations.  I wanted to do my own thing!

I'm trying to limit the color schemes of my tween paper dolls.  This doll will coordinate with any of the dark brown skintone poaper dolls.

Have fun playing Olympian! :)

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  1. What a fun theme! I haven't been following the Olympics, but I think given the age of the gymnasts at least, the tween body makes some sense.