Friday, September 23, 2016

Tween Fashion Friday - Samantha

Inspiration comes from random places.

Yesterday, two things happened.  First, my husband ordered a new phone for me.  I have replaced my phone 4 times in 2 years and it's just been a disaster.  I drop it. The kids drop it.  It's had a pretty rough existence.  So I'm getting a new one.  And my husband has *gently* encouraged (!) me to get a case for it this time.  I saw some cherry blossom cases that were pretty....and that's how the pattern for today's doll came to be.

The second thing that happened yesterday was that I got my hair cut very short.  It's been short-ish for a couple of years, so it wasn't anything really dramatic.  I had my hair trimmed recently but wasn't happy with it.  I went back yesterday, chopped the remainder off, and decided to live with it for a while.  It's super cute....but also REALLY short.  So today's doll has my hair style!

As promised, this set coordinates with Bronwynn's skin tone.  This set is vaguely Japanese inspired but not in any researched sort of way. I LOVE the short dress! It's adorable!

October is going to be a little bit different.  I'll be posting Kawaii Kids in Halloween themed outfits at least every Friday, maybe more depending on my schedule.

AND's time to think about my December paper doll.  I haven't completely settled on a theme yet.  One idea I had was to do a sequel to last year's set and create a cute little angel that coordinates with Santa and Mrs Claus.  Another idea I'm kicking around is a series of holiday inspired ball gowns.  Those would most likely be black & white instead of full color.  Any other ideas are more than welcome so feel free to share!!


  1. I like the holiday ballgown idea a lot... I might steal it. Would you be offended if I stole it?

    1. I would not be offended at all if you stole my ball gown idea :) It's not stealing, right? It's just inspiration!