Friday, September 16, 2016

Tween Fashion Friday - Celeste

There are some color schemes that I think are just beautiful and today's inspiration was one of those! I love dark blue & yellow (though my yellow ended up a bit on the greenish side).  And polka dots! I've been seeing polka dots everywhere lately.

This felt like a super sophisticated wardrobe & what's more sophisticated than a French name?!

Celeste can mix and match with any of the medium skin tone paper dolls.  One of these days I'll print some of these out and test out some combinations!

If you're looking for more paper dolls, I have the Etsy store up & running.  There are some unique sets over there that you can only get there.  And I love taking custom orders! I finished one recently for a teacher and it was so fun!


  1. She's so fun and there's a real vintage vibe to this set.

    1. Something about navy blue feels vintage & timeless & sophisticated. And the polka dots!