Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Paper Doll -- Santa Claus, Outfit 15

Today I have Santa's last outfit.  I wanted a Victorian style formal coat for his New Year's outfit.  I didn't realize until I started posting them that all of the post-Christmas outfits were primarily green.

I also really wanted half spectacles on at least one of the Santa outfits.  This has sort of a 19th century Rockefeller or Carnegie kind of feel.  (Fun fact: the first college I went to consisted of several 19th century mansions, including Andrew Carnegie's. It's a gorgeous campus!!)

It also feels a little steampunk to me.  Some day I'll do a proper steampunk set!

The tabs on the hat might work on their own.  If not, I've included a back to glue on.

If you're looking for the dolls, you can grab them here.

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