Monday, December 21, 2015

December Paper Doll -- Mrs Claus, Outfit 10

Like I said yesterday, these are not my favorite outfits.  Unlike yesterday, I like this reindeer.  I created some Christmas illustrations and this was one of the pieces I drew for that.  I liked it then & I like it now.

This outfit, too, is a little bland. That hand reaching out for the reindeer took a few tries, even after sketching it on paper first.  It works ok here, I think.

If you're looking for the dolls, you can grab them here.


  1. love the reindeer an her little mittened hand!

    i know these aren't your favorite, but in the scheme of the whole set, they add a unique tone.

    1. Thanks! I like this one a lot more than the matching Santa. I love the deer. I've used it in several projects. And the hand took a little work but came out pretty good. I tend to stay away from any foreshortening -- I'm really out of practice. Maybe next year I'll manage to get some life studies in!