Friday, March 1, 2013

Fashion Friday - Desiree

Today's paper doll is for Desiree, my cousin.  I was recently showing my family the Paper Doll School Yearbook and Desiree was a bit miffed.  I had dolls named after me, my nieces, even my husband, but not for her.  So this is her doll, published on her birthday.

Desiree is studying to be a nurse, so I included scrubs.  I also put in the outfit she wore for her 21st birthday, her signature torn-up jeans, and her favorite - zebra print.  I hope you like it, Des.  Also, it's my youngest son's first birthday.  So happy birthday to both of you :)

paperdoll school fashion friday paper doll directions sheet
Desiree - Fashion Friday Paper Doll

Download the Fashion Friday Doll - Desiree pdf here

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