Friday, March 15, 2013

Fashion Doll Friday - Erin

Here's my St. Patrick's day doll.  I wanted something bright & fun and not an Irish national costume or anything like that.  My family is Irish by way of the potato famine.  Oddly enough, we got our start in Lowell, MA then the family moved to Lowell, VT.  I met my husband in Lowell, MA and had my children there.  I guess everything comes back around.

Anyway, here's my bright green doll, Erin.  Also, it looks like this is doll #30.  Never thought I'd make 30 dolls on one template!! Enjoy :)

paperdoll school fashion friday paper doll directions sheet
Erin - Fashion Friday Paper Doll

Download Fashion Doll Friday - Erin pdf here

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