Monday, March 4, 2013

Creating Versatile Clothing Templates

Today's lesson is brief. Just one of those weeks where I have a short lesson.  This is more of an overview than a complete lesson.

Like every creative person, I sometimes go through bouts where inspiration just doesn't happen.  When that happens, I like to have something to fall back on.  This is one of those projects.

Something I often do with my fashion dolls is to tweak existing outfits.  I'll take one top, for instance, and switch the sleeves or alter the neckline.  And that's what I'm doing today.

Here's an example of what I mean.  I took a simple tank (top row, first image) and changed the sleeves.  Just doing this gives me 9 additional tops.  And these are just a few sleeve variations.  I have a fashion book - "9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion" - that I use as a reference for just this sort of thing.  The book details fashion drawing techniques, but the most useful part for me are the flats and details.  Flats are technical, detailed line drawings and very handy for seeing how garments are constructed.  The pages on details show buttons, collars, necklines, etc, and are also very useful.

This image, for instance, shows how many variations I can make just by changing the neckline.  Here are 5 variations to go with the previous 9.

And in this image, by taking the simple tank and adding details, I've created 6 more variations.  And for those keeping track, that's 22 different tops.  I created 22 different tops in less than an hour, just but tweaking a simple template.

This works with more than just tops.  You can easily adapt pants, too.  Shorts, capris, jeans - they're all just different lengths of pants.  I can change jeans to chinos just by making the pocket a straight line instead of a curve.  Skirts work just as well.

I have yet to find a good website that show variations of sleeves, collars, necklines, etc, to use as reference.  I'll keep looking.  And if I don't find it, I just might create it!

I realize this is a really short lesson today.  I hope it was inspiring nonetheless.  It's important to try to create something even on the days when you aren't really feeling up to it! Look for a new fashion doll on Friday.

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