Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kawaii Kids Doll #1 - Gingerbread

Today I'm starting my month-long paper doll posts.  These dolls are based on the Japanese aesthetic of kawaii.  I have to admit I'm not quite done yet with all 30 sets.  I'm still puttering away, but I WILL complete the set!!

As with so many of my dolls, all outfits will fit all of the dolls.  There is a boy & a girl.  These pages are designed to be colored & cut out. Just click & download.  I'm not posting pdfs til the end.  All for the dolls will be combined into one large pdf at the end of the month If you color one in and you want to share, please feel free to send me an image!

Anyway, here's the first doll.  Gingerbread kids! 

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