Friday, December 13, 2013

Kawaii Kids #13 - Ice Skating

As a kid, I moved a couple of times.  We moved from Vermont, to Connecticut, to New Hampshire.  I always think of New Hampshire and the town I went to high school in as my "hometown".  I grew up in one of the most amazing little Main Street towns.  Idyllic doesn't begin to describe it.  Anyway, every winter the town would flood the public tennis courts for ice skating.  There was a little house where you could rent skates, grab a hot chocolate, and gossip with friends.  And the best of '90s music blasted over the loudspeakers.

It was the place to be in the winter.  And we went every night!  My sister & I would rush home to do our homework, have a quick dinner, and then it was off to skate til 9.  I loved it.  I'm still looking for a rink like that near me so that my kids can learn to skate!

So this doll is inspired by that.  The skates aren't all that convincing, but I think they work well enough!

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