Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Drawing Resources

Sorry I didn't post on Monday.  The weekend was super busy.  If you're ever near Hillsborough, NH in late September, go to Schnitzelfest!  It's a German culture & food festival.  My husband's family is of German and Polish descent, so they love this stuff.  It was a good time and everyone had loads of fun.

Today I'm posting a resource that I can across on Facebook, via Von Glitschka's Vector Basic Training page (it's also a great resource!).  He shared a link from Illustration Age of Andrew Loomis art instruction books.  These books are public domain, so use & share them freely.

Andrew Loomis created images that are decidely mid-century.  They are lovely illustrations of men, women, children, etc, and are very evocative of his era.  For our purposes, I find his instruction to be classic.  It doesn't really matter what style you draw with, or subject matter you prefer, you can gain some insights from these books.  They are utterly ideal if you want to create classic movie star paper dolls, I think!

I haven't had a chance to go through all of them yet, but I did browse through the second one on the download list, Drawing the Head and Hands.

This is the cover of the book.  He details how to draw men and women of all ages, and it's beautiful just to look at!

Here's a page from the section on drawing women's heads.  There's SO much more than just this page...

And a page on hands.  Honestly, I would love to sit down and follow each and every lesson in each and every book!  Maybe I'll put that on my ever-expanding to-do list.

Anyway, go check out the books.  They are free, public domain PDF files.  Enjoy!

New doll on Friday!!

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