Monday, August 19, 2013

New Paper Doll School yearbook!

I've recovered a bit from the chaos of last week!

For those of you who haven't heard, my mother & I had our purses stolen at a park last week.  Long story short: everyone is safe, the police have some leads, and we're trying to resume life as normal.  I still need to replace a ton of documents & cards that were in my purse (as well as a wallet that my sons' got me for Mother's Day. Ugh.), but ultimately, it's just stuff.

It'll take a while to get over it, though.  We were targeted.  The police said the same man who robbed us also hit a local gym.  He's targeting women and I find that unnerving.  It'll take time....

Anyway, no lesson for today but I DID finish something!

The Paper Doll School Spring 2013

The new yearbook covers January through June 2013.  It's available on  I'm not sure if I'm going to offer it on Amazon yet, so if you want a copy, go to Lulu.  It's like the previous yearbook -- there are exclusive outfits you can only get through the yearbook.

Here's a preview of all the pages together:

There are 22 dolls and 22 pages of outfits, including the Boston memorial one and a bride/groom set.  I like having a bride in each set!  Most of the dolls I've created this year have been centered on patterns.  Patterns are something I've always struggled with in more traditional media, so it's been a lot of fun.

So look for a new doll on Friday, and (hopefully) a new lesson on Monday.


  1. So pretty. When I follow the link the book is not available anymore. Where can I get the book?

    1. I just updated the link so you can follow that and grab the book! I would suggest gluing the dolls to something stiffer than paper (cardstock, etc) when you cut them out. Enjoy!!