Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween Toddler Fashion Friday - Catrina

Happy October!  I LOVE Halloween....probably more than any other holiday.  If you're looking for Halloween paper dolls past, there are a bunch from last year (starting here or in book form here) and one from my much-neglected portfolio site here.  And some decorating paper crafts here,  which I may print out for my kids this year.

I'll be posting costumed toddler paper dolls every Friday this month.  Today I'm starting with Catrina!

Catrina is dressing up as a witch for Halloween!  I'm not 100% sure the hat will work.  There's a line to cut and a tab to glue.  It should be ok.... I don't make a lot of paper doll hats! 

I'm going to do a mix of boy & girl dolls in the coming weeks.  Next week there's going to be a cute little boy.  Watch for it and have fun cutting out Catrina! 

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