Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Toddler Fashion Friday - Kefira

I LOVE it when I can end a project with a bang -- and this is it!  I love this doll.  Seriously.  I try not to play favorites (like with my kiddos!!) but this is one of my all-time favorites.  I kind of want to use that cat pattern on everything. (Shameless self-promotion: sometimes I do take the patterns I make for my paper dolls and release them as fabric on

I asked for suggestions last week, and one reader suggested animal costumes.  I love that idea and I think it would make a nice little mini series.  Today, I settled on a cat costume.  The only way I could really get the mask to work was to make it specific to this doll.  As much as I like flexibility, sometimes I just need to use the simplest solution to a problem.

Do you like her purple hair?  It was a last-minute decision.  I wanted it to look like purple spray on hair color.  I kinda like it! And her name -- Kefira -- is apparently Hebrew for lion cub.  It was an unusual name that seemed appropriate!

That's the end of the toddler costumes.  I'm going to have some simpler dolls for November so that I can focus on my annual December paper doll.  I have a rough idea I'm toying with, but suggestions are always welcome (and encouraged!)

Have a nice Halloween.  I might even have a treat up that day... ;)


  1. I like her purple hair! It was a great decision!

  2. i agree: the purple hair is awesome. i love her name, too! : D

  3. I'm glad I went with the purple hair, too. She's pretty cute :) I'm also glad that this Halloween mini series didn't end up being just a bunch of boring orange & black! It's been fun!