Monday, May 29, 2017

The Eclectic Wardrobe of Josephine - Coloring Sheet 1

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend (if you were in the US).  We had a super busy weekend - my husband, father, and I all worked on some house projects.  We decided to bunk the boys & they wanted a Minecraft themed bedroom to share.  So there was much painting, organizing, and building of bunk beds.  The boys spent the weekend with my mother and it sounds like everyone had a good time!

Summer is almost here & as I look at my schedule, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  The kids and I have a lot of fun activities planned for the summer.  Some of them are starting even before school gets at! And so I thought, how can I free up my schedule and bit and not totally neglect the blog?

My solution? June is black and white coloring sheet month! I know it isn't actually June yet, but it's close enough! I'm going to have Josephine and tween paper dolls in black and white all month.  It's not terribly taxing for me and fun for you (I hope!)

Right-click to download and print

If you decide to color Josephine, feel free to share! I'd love to see other iterations of Josephine's wardrobe.

So tomorrow I'll have the collaboration set posted and on Friday, there will be a black and white tween coloring sheet, so look for that!!


  1. oh fun! i love this idea of Josephine having some coloring sheets!

    for some reason i want to color her with freckles all over. : D

    1. Go for it! Let's see some freckles :)

  2. This is a super fun idea and a great way to do something a bit lower stress.

    1. It's giving me some wiggle room to figure out what to do next....!