Friday, October 14, 2016

Kawaii Kids - Kitten and Werewolf

Today is the next installment of the Kawaii Kids Halloween black & white paper dolls. I'm going to admit something -- I kinda phoned this one in.

You see, we went to a small, local theme park over the weekend with my parents.  My sons (they're 6 and 4) still have a terrible habit of putting their hands in their mouths/noses/eyes.  We had a great time but my kids came home with the plague because of that aforementioned affinity for hands in mouths.  My oldest had a stomach bug on Monday.  My youngest got it Tuesday.  And I got it Wednesday.  And when Mom is sick, the world comes to a halt.  Granted, my husband has always been a very equal partner in parenting, but having one adult down is no fun for anyone.

Right-click to download and print the Kawaii Kids - Kitten and Werewolf paper doll

So I ended up modifying/re-purposing a couple of paper dolls to create this one.  Next week, I'll try a little harder :)  And if you're looking for more of my Halloween paper dolls, use the search bar on the side -- there are TONS of them!

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