Friday, November 1, 2013

Historical Fashion Friday - Mary

Today is November 1st.  It's starting to feel like the unofficial beginning of the Christmas/holiday season.  I am not ready for it at all!

Before we get into the frenzy of Christmas, I wanted to focus on something a little less material and a little more historical.  I didn't want to post a Halloween doll today and it's too early for Thanksgiving, so I want to split the difference!

I live in northern Massachusetts and I sometimes visit Salem.  Yes, THAT Salem.  I also recently found out that I have a distant ancestor who was involved in the witch hunts.  Yes, THOSE witch hunts.  I find colonial America fascinating, mainly through family history connections.  I'm not an American history buff, more of a genealogy enthusiast.  Basically, if it applies to my family tree then I probably know it.  If it doesn't, well, my knowledge is lacking.

So today's doll is Mary.  This doll is based on the information I found at the Plimouth Plantation website.  I live close enough that Plimouth Plantation is on my list of places to take (and probably bore) my kids.  Anyway, Mary is dressed in what the website says would be typical of a woman in the 1620s.  I made the apron a separate piece, as well as a hat.  The underclothes are NOT accurate at all.  I wanted this doll to fit with the rest of the fashion dolls and that's why it's designed the way it is.

I'm not sure about a lesson on Monday.  I'm kind of out of ideas at the moment! I'll be working on the Kawaii Collection for December.  I'm still taking requests for those (and lessons, of course) so any & all ideas are welcome! 


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  2. Thanks for noticing the link! I have some link challenges :)