Friday, November 22, 2013

Fashion Friday - Sage

This is the last Friday before Thanksgiving and I really, really wanted to get a doll posted.  The holidays are already getting a little stressful.  We have Thanksgiving, Christmas, two birthdays, and a whole lot of family to see.  I have about eight weeks a year of sheer lunacy! On top of that, my oldest is sick.  Poor kiddo.

So today's doll was a quikie.  There's a turkey tee shirt (that's my mom's influence.  She loves holiday tee shirts!) and some Navajo inspired prints.  Those come built into Illustrator and I tweaked the colors some.  I wish I had done something a little more meaningful and authentic but there just wasn't time.  If you're looking for a more pulled together Thanksgiving doll, there are dolls available at the Etsy shop.  I'm very happy with those, and the black & white one for coloring has been popular.

Anyway, here's Sage.  And to all of you in the US, have a pleasant and happy holiday.  I plan on celebrating mine with locally made apple cranberry wine :)

Download Fashion Friday - Sage pdf here

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