Friday, September 13, 2013

Historical Fashion Friday - Margaux

Today's doll is inspired by the Chronicle of Western Costume by John Peacock (again!), specifically a sketch of a French lady from 1496.  And the pattern I used here is my own!  This is a pattern I developed for a lesson on my portfolio blog.  I admit neglecting that blog a whole lot.  I really keep that site as my non-paper doll related portfolio.  Maybe I'll repost that lesson here Monday.  I don't have a solid idea yet for a lesson on Monday...

Also, a couple more things I want to mention about this doll.  I'm a bit dubious about the term "hand drawn" and this doll is one of the reasons.  The fur trim on this, for example, was drawn with a stylus on a Wacom tablet.  Is it any less "hand drawn" than something on paper? Not trying to start an argument, just something to think about.  Secondly, that veil is not great.  The sketches in John Peacock's book at good but they're just that -- sketches.  I wish I had more time to fix that. (I'm super deep into a freelance project right now, so everything has been a bit neglected.  It's nice to make a little money of my own, so that takes priority right now!!) And third, her hair is a total cop-out.  I knew I was making the veil so I didn't fuss with designing a nice hairstyle for her!

Anyway, this is Margaux, a 15th century French lady.  I hope everyone likes this occasional historical spin on the dolls.  I know I do!

Download Historical Fashion Friday - Margaux pdf here

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