Friday, May 10, 2013

Fashion Friday - Wedding Edition 2013

This past weekend, my husband and I were invited to a lovely wedding for a terrific couple.  The bride & I have frequently talked about paper dolls, so I thought a commemorative doll was in order.   They were married at a seaside hotel right on the Atlantic, so I included an ocean view for the dolls.

Phil and Katie Wedding Paper Doll

I'm putting this up at full resolution and not as a PDF download.  If anyone would prefer a PDF, just let me know and I can do that.

Katie Wedding Paper Doll

Phil Wedding Paper Doll

Also, these dolls will fit with all the other fashion dolls, too.

And here's a link to the pdf (without backgrounds)



  1. Hi. Do you think I could have a PDF of this. I'm trying to download it and print for my oldest neice's wedding, but it's not printing right. I'm going to do wedding paper dolls soon and there willl be a big credit page to you for inspiration.

    Also, I don't feel like i am competition to you and would never do anything to hurt your business. I'll always promote you, when I am in any position to do so. The world is big and there is room for everyone's creativity and success, I think.

    1. I just added the pdf. It doesn't have the backgrounds -- that makes it a HUGE file. This doll is an Illustrator/Photoshop hybird. I developed the doll in AI and added backgrounds in PS.

      I honestly love the attention! These fashion dolls started as a scribble on a stickie note during lunch one day and grew from there. I share these and my other dolls on this site specifically for learning & having fun with them. And I agree that there's really room for everyone's personal vision. Art was traditionally taught by copying and then developing an individual technique, and if you think of my art as a template to help you grow, I can't be anything but flattered.

      I'll try to put together a lesson this week on how I make these dolls. I don't think I've every really discussed them and it would be a great way to round out this year's lesson plan. Any requests, just let me know!