Friday, May 24, 2013

Fashion Friday - Talia

There has been some crazy weather lately, and, although not as extreme as in other places, the weather here in New England is a bummer.  My kids are stir-crazy and it seems like the rain is never going away! So today's doll has a summery wardrobe.  The name - Talia - is not summery at all.  In Russian, it means "born near Christmas" and it was a name we were considering if our oldest child had been a girl.  I was due in December/January and it seemed appropriate.  We had a son, so the name got scrapped.  I love it and thought it would be fun for a doll.

I'm working on a lesson for Monday.  I'm not certain it will go up on Monday.  My grandfather is in the hospital and I may have a 4 hour (one way!!) car trip ahead of me this weekend.  It's not a surprise to anyone, really.  He's been dealing with a degenerative disease for a long, long time.  Still, Gramp supersedes the blog.  And my mom is having surgery next week, so things are a bit hectic.  I'll get the lesson up when I can.  It'll be a good distraction.

Anyway, I hope the weather lifts soon.  For now, enjoy the doll!

paperdoll school fashion friday paper doll directions sheet

Download Fashion Friday Doll - Talia pdf here

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