Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Eclectic Wardrobe of Josephine - Coloring Sheet 4

There are a few things I would like to share today.  One is a new coloring sheet for Josephine.  Another is a new project.  And third, I'm celebrating an anniversary.

Let's tackle that last one first.

It occurred to me over the weekend that this little blog is five years old! You can see the first post here and take a stroll down memory lane.  I'd love to throw some statistics at you, but that isn't my strong suit.  I will say that I have written about 580 posts, sold 188 paper doll books (a big thank you for that!!), and I've created so many paper dolls that I don't actually have an accurate count.  I really should do that sometime.

A few more random things.  My most popular post ever is this one about the basics of anatomy.  To this day, I'm not sure why.  I'm not really good at tracking, marketing, etc.  My most popular paper doll is the wedding set that I set to Paper Doll Studio Magazine as my first ever submission to, well, anything.  Although I will say that the Josephine set has been steadily gaining popularity, and the December angel paper doll series ranks relatively high on the list, too.

I started this blog to keep myself busy while home with my sons.  I know that sounds like a silly thing, but honestly, being home with kids can be very isolating.  There aren't any people home in my neighborhood, all of my friends work, and I'm not very outgoing.  Playdates are pretty much my living nightmare.  This blog helped save my sanity & encourage me to do at least one thing that was just for me. So thank you to all of you who keep encouraging me to keep creating!

Next up, here's what I'm working on! It's a companion paper doll book to go with the At the Beach book.  I might take these two dolls and expand them into a whole series.  Not sure yet.  It's fun making a companion set, though.  I'll keep you posted as I keep working on it.

And finally, here's a Josephine coloring sheet.

Right-click to download and print

I'm close to finishing up a Josephine book.  This one will focus on contemporary fashion.  I'd like to create a fantasy book next.  I've already got a steampunk set, whatever this is, a Renaissance/harem mash-up, and a goth set.  What other crazy themes can I tackle for the book? Suggestions?

Another black and white coloring sheet for the tweens on Friday!

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  1. love the other beach book ~ nice to see you're making her a friend! i love things that go together.

    as for Josephine, she needs flapper outfits. from the moment you made her, she reminded me of Josephine Baker and i've never gotten that image out of my head. : D