Friday, June 23, 2017

Tween Fashion Friday - Black and White Coloring Set 4

Summer is now in full swing at my house! We went to Boston to see the tall ships, we picked up our summer reading kit at the library, and we're off to the Peabody Essex Museum today.  The local lake opens for the season tomorrow & we'll be spending plenty of time there, too!

Today's download is another tween coloring sheet.  I'm hoping these coloring sheets provide a fun distraction for all of you this summer!

Right-click to download and print

I'm still working on the At the Beach companion paper doll.  I'm also eager to start a new paper doll series but I'm not sure what.... Hopefully that'll happen soon :)

There's one more coloring sheet for Josephine on Tuesday, and then another collaboration paper doll coming up after that!

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