Friday, August 28, 2015

Mix and Match Paper Doll Wardrobe Sheet 1

Now that all four of the mix and match paper dolls are finished, I've been working on an extended wardrobe for the dolls.  Rachel had suggested adding a new set of patterns with the same color palette to the wardrobe -- something I had actually been working on! The floral pattern I used with the four dolls was just one of several in the set of patterns I was using.

You can right-click to download and print the image.

This wardrobe set has a new pattern as well as one new color -- grey.  I chose to make this wardrobe a little more dressy.  There are no jeans, just skirts, blouses, and a pair of pants.  There's also a new hairstyle for each of the previous dolls.

Paper dolls for this wardrobe can be found here:
Just right-click on any of these to download.  They're all jpg images.  Have fun mixing and matching!


  1. These are lovely. I like the slight Victorian Vibe I get from the pieces, particularly the high necked blouses and the full skirt. This is really a lot of outfit combinations. Based on my quick math, you've got about 990 different outfit options here- that's pretty remarkable. I've enjoyed this series a lot.

    1. Wow, I'm glad you did the math on that because I sure can't!! I liked the Victorian vibe, too. It's a little 70s/80s prairie, too, which always reminds me of my mother. She still marathons Little House on the Prairie any chance she gets! I have at least one more wardrobe page to go with this set. After that....not sure. I kinda like it, too, so I imagine I'll draw more sheets sometime.

  2. Love your work Julie. I will try to use your tutorials to try and publish my work a well using but I would love to have my paper doll work published by a reputable book publisher as well, like Dover. However, I don't know how to approach them. I don't have an agent and don't really want one. Are there any sample contracts for paper doll artists available online? I have been having difficulty locating one. Any information on this subject would be helpful!

    Please forward me a response at

    Thank You, Julie for all of your service and well informed advice!

    1. Thank you Renee! I just sent you an email so feel free to ask me any questions. One thing I forgot to mention in my email that I think is relevant to any creative person is have a website and/or blog. I've gained admirers as well as paying jobs from this blog. It's more than I could have hoped for, honestly, and I'm grateful for it every day! Again, take a look at the email I sent and feel free to ask me anything!