Friday, August 7, 2015

Bian - A Mix and Match Paper Doll

For this mix and match set of paper dolls, I decided on a limited palette of colors and patterns.  I want these sets to coordinate across all four planned sets, not just each individual page.  I also wanted to represent several cultures.  Akinyi has an African background of some sort, reflected in both the name and appearance of that paper doll.  Actually, the names for all of the dolls in this series have been a challenge!  Initially, each doll was labelled as Doll A, B, C, etc, and I wanted to continue that in the actual name while also reflecting different cultures.

To download, right-click and save image.  This is a jpg image and should print just fine!
And that's how I named Bian, today's mix and match doll.  I needed a name with Asian origins that started with a B.  Bian is a Vietnamese name and I liked the look & sound of it.
This wardrobe coordinates nicely with Akinyi's.  I'm not sure exactly how many combinations there are, but maybe I'll put together a wardrobe sample sheet at some point.  Anyway, have fun mixing & matching!  


  1. I love the idea of using consistent patterns as well as colors in a set to increase the mix and match options. It might be neat to also look into doing the same pattern in different, but coordinating, colorways- like you see in quilting cottons. I love her boots. They really do look like leather, which is a hard thing to achieve. I'm excited to get to see the other two dolls in this series. I totally have been known to refer to my paper dolls as alpha, beta, delta... before I've named them, but then they sound like a paper doll SWAT team.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses an alphabetically organization scheme! Just makes things easier... And now the image of a paper doll SWAT team is in my head!!

      I've been thinking about using different patterns/same colors in the next clothing sets. The floral pattern I've been using is part of a larger set (8 patterns I think it was....I don't remember) and it's made up of several patterns in the same palette.

      And the boots really came together! I had an amazing leather texture image, and once I added highlights & shadows, it worked beautifully. Most of the patterns & textures I've been using are from Creative Market (** They post new, free items every Monday. It's been a nice change working in Photoshop after so much time in Illustrator.

      **Not an affiliate link or anything. Just a site I love!**