Monday, August 24, 2015

C. Auguste Dupin Paper Doll

For those of you who subscribe, Paper Doll Studio magazine just released a mystery themed issue.  I debated over what to send, what style to send, etc.  Sherlock Holmes -- though I love Arthur Conan Doyle -- felt too obvious.  So I got to thinking.  I remembered that Edgar Allan Poe influenced Doyle and essentially invented the detective story.  After some research, I settled on the character of C. Auguste Dupin.  He featured in three Poe stories and that seemed like just the right amount of outfits for a paper doll.

You can right-click on these images to save & print them.  They're full resolution -- I want to print them myself!

I decided to "paint" these in Photoshop.  I'm working more on defining a style for myself (more on that at a later date...) and thought this would be a good project to hone some of that further.  Like most of my projects, this started as a sketch.

The pose was influenced by a book cover I found on Pinterest.  In fact, this board contains all of my influences for this paper doll.  The process for creating this paper doll was very much like the walkthrough of Akinyi. I was also lucky to find some open source clip art for the frames as well.

Overall, I'm really happy with this set. There are a few changes I'd make, such as better contrast.  Sometimes things look great on the screen but print a little darker.  Just something to think about in the future. I hope you enjoy this and all of the other fantastic paper dolls in this issue.


  1. Genius! I love it. I wish you would do one from the short story the Masque of the Red Death next.

    1. Thanks! I love creating paper dolls for the OPDAG themes -- so many of them are things I would never think about. I'll have to re-read Masque of the Red Death. That might make a good project....!