Friday, February 11, 2022

Valentine's Round-Up

 I rarely create round-up posts but I was inspired by Rachel's delightful round-ups so here we are. (She has a LOVELY book out - grab it here. I have a copy and it's so pretty!!) 

Unlike Rachel, I have not created oodles and oodles of lovely dolls for all occasions. But here's what I've got, in no particular order. With all of the following images, click on the image, then right-click to download and print.


Kawaii Kids - Birds and Hearts

Starting in 2013, I made a bunch of Kawaii Kids paper dolls. It started as a December Daily Doll and spiraled from there. I'm not actually sure how many there are total.... This one isn't specifically Valentine's themed, but it has some cute hearts to color.

Also from roughly a million years ago, a Valentine's set from my short-lived Paper Jane sets. This one never fully clicked for me. Her arms are too long and her hands are too book, but it still has a bit of charm to it. 

From my toddler series, here's Charity dressed for Valentine's! The toddlers were an extension of my Fashion Friday paper dolls. I've since compiled a bunch of toddlers into a book that's available here. If you search the blog for Valentine, there are a few other sets in the various Fashion Friday posts.

And finally, a sort of new paper doll. In 2018, I undertook a very ambitious project where I followed a doodle-a-day prompt. It was tough! I finished it, and it's one of my favorite series. I'd like to go back through and fix some things (HELLO TINY TABS!!) and print them up. The two "Sweetheart" pages are a compilation of the February 2018 series.

That's it for now. Happy paperdolling :)

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