Friday, April 26, 2019

100 Days of Paper Dolls - Set 4

Day 25 of the #100daysofpaperdolls project! I'm a quarter of the way through!! There are some great artists drawing some fun stuff so I suggest you check it out in Instagram if you can.

I'm trying to keep the neo-Victorian vibe going.  No pants this time but that's alright.  I want that jacket - the whole outfit on the right is based on this pin I found on Pinterest.  The more I draw of this, the more I want to color it! It's such a huge project.....

Also, I'll be in Morgantown (you can find the details here) the first weekend of May! This will be the largest gathering of paper doll enthusiasts that I've attended so far & it sounds like a great time! Hopefully I can snap some pics and share them on the ol' blog.

I'll post more 100 Day pages as I complete them or you can follow along on Instagram

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