Friday, July 14, 2017

Tween Fashion Friday - Laurel

It's been a rainy summer here in New England.  Not so terrible that we can't go outside, but just enough to be a nuisance. I have very active sons who love being outside.  As a family, we try to go to state parks & low-key hiking.  Camping....well, not so much.

Today's set is inspired by our outdoor adventures.

There are some practical pieces in this set - like those hiking boots - and some that would be pretty useless outside.  On a bit of a side note, if you like that mountain pattern, it's available on actual, real fabric here.  I've been trying to take some of my original pattern designs & put them on fabric.  I'm not great at sewing, so I've never actually used my own fabric! The samples I have are really nice, though, so maybe I'll learn to sew sometime!


  1. i really loved your black and white stuff, but it's so nice to see the return of color to this blog! : D

    loe that you went with an actual fabric pattern!

    1. I think others like the black and white more than I do. Linework has never been my thing. I'm much more interested in color and value!

      Paper dolls are very much an extension of the guilt I feel for not knowing how to sew! There's still a nine year old aspiring fashion design buried in the ol' psyche. Honestly, though, Spoonflower has really nice (if a tad expensive) fabric. If I could sew, that's what I would get.

  2. I love her. That skirt is really nicely rendered. Wonderful work, as always.