Friday, March 4, 2016

Toddler Fashion Friday - Clara

Last week, I visited with my nieces during their school vacation week.  They talked about how much they both love paper dolls.  My oldest niece wants to learn how to create them herself and I'm thinking about creating a starter package for her.  Anyway, they both love sports.  They wanted their paper dolls to play sports, too.

Here we have Clara, a sports loving little lady! Initially, I thought about during a series of sports dolls, one for each sport.  I still might.  However, I thought have a multi-sport mix & match paper doll would be more fun.  She has a basketball uniform, a baseball uniform, a soccer uniform, and a hoodie & pant warm-up set as well as a sports patterned dress and matching sweater.

The toddler dolls are designed to be completely interchangeable, so if you want to print out a previous boy or girl toddler set, it'll work with these dolls.  I'll work on other colors and a coloring sheet for these, too.

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